TWOSTONE strategists partner with our clients to create high-impact, systemic change. Business experts, creative thinkers and masterful storytellers, our strategists develop original points of view and create clarity in complex situations. Strategists have diverse backgrounds in business, media and academia but they all have a few things in common. They are optimists at heart and energized by challenges for which there are no pre-defined answers. They bring high aspirations for what's possible, balanced with empathy and a deep understanding of what it takes to create change at scale.

Human Interaction Research & Design
Our human interaction researchers & designers work with individuals and teams to gain clear insights in the reasons why behaviour is what it is and empower people to unleash talents and grow above themselves. Behavioral psychologists, executive coaches, therapists and good listeners, our interaction experts are very creative in designing challenging experiences for our clients to really start integrating intellect, empathy and purpose.

Production is key partner to all teams at the company, providing print deliverables, graphics, digital and rich media solutions and event support for all of our client and internal needs. Production is a team of skilled creators, thinkers and miracleworkers. The team consistently pushes the creative envelope from project to project.

Work architects & designers build digital tools and experiences to deepen and expand the impact of our work. From desktop and mobile apps to immersive digital environments, our work design team is passionate about creating simple, delightful, human-centric and deeply engaging experiences that lead our clients to see, believe, think and act differently.