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Erik van Wijk MSc - Founder
Erik is a recognised expert in helping (international) leadership teams to get to the core of the matter and grow to perform at their very best fast. He is a mastermind in designing and implementation enterprise change programs. He is a source of energy and able to spark new insights and visions. Erik enjoys outdoor sports and a masterchef in the personal circle.
Erik is responsible for general management and leads the Strategy Discipline

Drs. Pieter Timmers - Associate Partner
Pieter has an impressive track-record of (international) assignments to lead and mentor leadership teams with their respective employees into a new market direction. He has a natural friendliness that generates trust and a natural style to make people go for it. Pieter enjoys the good life and a beer in the brabant sun.
Pieter is Associate Partner Strategy.



Udo Lindner - Associate Partner
Udo has a history in training and creating innovative environments. With a background in linguistics Udo has translated several books into german. Udo lives and works from Germany, but is planning on moving to the Netherlands, since he is acting Managing Director for the Benelux branch of the AFNB (Akademie fur Neurowissenschaftliches Bildungsmanagement).
Udo is Associate Partner Training (Human Interaction Research & Design)


drs. Koos de Vos - Associate Partner
Koos has a track-record in working on the edges of profit and non-profit. Founding and selling some companies he is an experienced entrepreneur. He has a very sharp eye for what really matters and how to go forward. Koos enjoys playing the piano for small audiences.
Koos is Associate Partner Strategy


drs. Hans Visser - Associate Partner
Hans is a creative mind. Always looking to add value to life. After owning and managing a communication agency he has specialised in creating innovative hot-spots where entrepreneurs, students and enterprises cooperate. If Hans ca not be found here, he is enjoying the swiss mountains.

Hans is Associate Partner Strategy