Als blijft doen wat je altijd hebt gedaan,

Dan blijf je krijgen wat je altijd gekregen hebt ...

3e11389Erik van Wijk MSc
Erik is a very experienced executive coach. Erik has a natural gift to challenge coachees to investigate their convictions and helping them to overcome barriers-to-growth fast, integrating body & mind. Erik has a master degree in chemical engineering and a degree in psychology & coaching.


 drs. Pieter Timmers
Pieter has a vast experience in business coaching. From his wide background in turning companies around he is able to help people solving solving complex (people) problems, seemingly effortless.


Marianne Dacar
Marianne is expert in therapeutic coaching. She is a licensed physical therapist, acupuncturist and applied kinesiologist. Vague or explicit physical or emotional complaints do not have secrets for her. This 'medical' facility to the coaching has proven a valuable key-to-success for many coachees.


Koos de Vos
Koos has a natural intuition that helps coachees to get to the heart of the matter very fast. A quick intervention by Koos has helped many people to make unexpected but clear (life) decisions.