Associate Partner - Human Interaction Research & Design

Associate Partners are seasoned content leaders with a strong background in business fundamentals. Associate Partners are responsible for enlarging the circle of satisfied clients. They lead and/or participate in project acquisition all the way through to project delivery. They are genius in building teams and make teams perform at their very best. They are real team-players with a natural drive to unleash the talents in the people they work with - colleagues or clients.

We have a suite of psychometric tools aimed at helping individuals, teams and organizations to grow towards 'learning organisation' culture level. We would like to exploit this suite to a larger extend.

For this position the Associate Partner probably has a background in Behavioral Psychology or equivalent, demonstrating a clear willingness to personal growth.

Associate Partners probably have 15+ years of experience at a consulting firm or in-house at a company or organization. They are thinking of starting a consulting pratice of their own, but welcome working with colleagues. Is a leader.


  • Takes ownership in extending and maintaining our circle of satisfied clients for the company in general and Human Interaction Research & Design in particular.
  • Is able to develop and implement a business strategy.
  • Partners with Strategy and Work Design to create a coherent and compelling story that engages and commits clients to a solution.
  • Owns projects as a retainer or engagement, and leads the team to do that work.
  • Generates ideas and compelling narrative to make sense of the complexity of a client's challenge in ways that enable smart action.
  • Is focussed on mindfull communication, both written and verbal. Pushes the team to think through all its ideas to consider all implications, system-wide. Facilitates group conversations internally and with clients, with courage and optimism.
  • Seeks to unleash the talents in their team, demonstrated by extremely satisfied clients.

A position in a highly dynamic team to help making the world more happy, through growth in awareness. This means we need to learn and grow ourselves continuously. Therefore we actively pursue an entrepreneurial spirit in the company. In this position you are part of the leadership team making this spirit a reality.